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I care about you and your transformation more than the average Coach 

I know what it's like to feel insecure, stuck in anxiety and doubt, or thinking you don't deserve any better. I know what it's like to feel like you'll never escape the negativity and struggles! I've lived through grief, sexual assault, trauma, anxiety, insecurities, and doubt! This is exactly why I want to help you break free from this place and find the happiness and freedom that you truly deserve! It IS possible!
My clients have found more freedom and clarity than they had ever imagined

My clients are people just like you who were experiencing anxiety, fear, self-doubt, insecurities, or unworthiness. They've struggled with sexual assault, eating disorders, traumatic upbringings, toxic relationships, anger issues, and so much more. But with my help they've learned to overcome this old way of living and they have started feeling 1000x more confident, vibrant, and self-assured!
I've been featured on multiple outlets for my compassion, honesty, and desire to help
My main goal in life is to make the biggest difference possible! Those who know me, have worked with me, or have come across my message know this to be ringing loud and clear. I hold no judgment and will see you for who you are underneath all the pain and trauma. If you need someone to help you release what's holding you back, hold space for you, support you, and guide you then I'm your girl!

What previous clients are saying:
Jamie Lee

From anxiety, panic attacks, and depersonalization to backpacking Europe solo! Jamie Lee learned how to overcome his limiting beliefs, anxiety, and fear about what others might think of him. During the 3 month program he felt strong enough to take a solo trip and went paragliding in Austria, skiing in the Czech Alps, and just overall enjoying his time! He still has moments of anxiety but feels way more equipped to handle it when it comes up, and instead of feeling stuck in the dark cloud of mental health issues he knows he can and WILL find a way to consistently find peace! 

Amara was struggling with such strong anxiety that she was rarely even leaving her house. She experienced various traumas growing up and was carrying a lot of heavy weight from her past, which had created feelings of unworthiness and doubt. Through IPM she began reconnecting with friends (and making new ones!), speaking up for herself, and taking her physical, mental and emotional health into her hands. She also learned to love meditation and through connecting to a higher power she found strength, purpose and a newfound belief in herself!

Briahne was in the 4th year of her recovery from an eating disorder and had already been practicing some spiritual tools when she found IPM. The structure of the program and daily prompts really helped her consistently stay on top of old limiting beliefs, self-doubt, insecurities and anxiety. She had the best Christmas ever because she was able to handle her family dynamics in a totally new way, and her Therapist told her to stop coming!! She's noticed HUGE changes and thanks to the tools she learned here she knows she will be able to stay on track and keep moving forward with confidence and freedom!

Alexandra was working through trauma from multiple sexual assaults that she had spent a long time trying to hide. Everything was slowly coming to the surface and she was ready to release and let it go so that it wouldn't continue to weigh down on her. Through our conversations she learned new tools that helped her to make the necessary shifts to release emotional blocks and unblock her chakras. She is now able to live her life with so much freedom, peace and joy because she did the work to take her power back. 
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